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What We Need 

I was standing in line at Walmart, now all of you know that the lines are long there. Everyone knows this. Well, this particular day a woman a was ahead of me in line by a few places and was very irritated.  She grew irritated enough to lean back and holler,

“What we need is more checkers”

The immediate thought in my head was

“What we need is more patience”

I would never say that out loud!!

Ladies, in our world today everything is someone else’s fault or problem.  Somehow it’s Walmart’s fault that we are in a hurry.  Everyone knows that if you are in a hurry Walmart is NOT the place to go.   But still, as a society most of us do not take accountability for ourselves.

Trying not to melt into self righteous mode and continue to judge this stranger I looked away as I fumed in defense of the cashier.

Then, as  I stood there thinking about So much wrong in our world, I noticed this large display of school supplies next to me…….

WHOA !!  This did NOT help my mood !!

I know this is a promo for some movie out this summer but the irony of this really impacted me. The school spirit is a slimy ghost!!! Wow – isn’t this exactly what a lot of kids think about school anyway?  Our world is in collapse – do I have any answers?  No.

But I have been praying more for teachers since that visit to Walmart.  And I was very nice to the cashier and chit chatted with her to get a smile.

(I probably made everyone in line behind me furious)


Photo of the day!!!!

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The Staircase

Just before I left for Africa in Dec 2012 I was given a promotion at work – it was a miracle for me. You may remember me blogging about it. 

When I got home from the mission trip every weekday for 3 1/2 years I climbed a staircase and took a right to my office. During my time there my boss encouraged me to go back to college for my Bachelor Degree so she could train me to take her place when she retired. 

Happily, I did go back to school, I kept a 4.0 gpa and studied every night after work and all weekend until I fell and broke my wrist. While in this season of my life I would climb that staircase, pause, look to the left and think

“Someday this will all pay off and that will be my office, oh what a day that will be”

Then she died. Suddenly, without warning. 

There I was making 12 bucks an hour with 33 employees to pay and 9 Board members asking me questions that I had no answers for.  I did not mourn her death I stayed in a state of trauma and shock.  I kept payroll done, taxes filed all bills paid but I was numb, vacant.

One morning a board member came to my office to make sure that I was going to re-enroll in school since my wrist was healed she told me not to let this tragedy keep me from my dreams!! 

My dreams? 

And there it happened- that push led me to the awakening that I did not want to turn left at the top of the stairs. I did not want to be the Executive Director of anything! 

What was I doing? 
What did I want? 

That was a sad time and a rough season but I made it through. They hired a wonderful replacement for my boss. On paper I did not qualify for the position and could not be considered, truthfully I did not want it. Also, by that time I did not want to be the assistant anymore either. I was overqualified for my spot and under qualified for top spot! 

I gave my notice. Everyone understood, or at least they told me they did. I now go and fill in any gaps, run reports and help out the new assistant when she needs back up but she is doing very well. 

Why do I type this unusually long blog?

Sometimes we can get so focused on what is in front of us, or what is expected of us that we lose sight of our purpose. 

I was so comfortable in my box that I didn’t even know I was boxed in.

I’d forgotten to live, no joy, just breathing in and out. It took a disaster for me to wake up and realize there was more for my life than what I was doing. 

And the sudden death of a most beloved friend to make me realize how precious my life truly is.  

Here is a view of one of the staircases where I work now – I still climb stairs each day for work!!

 But I am very happy in this season of my life!! 


The “Co-Signer”

How many of you pray to God? 

I pray to God all the time and when I pray I fully believe that He will answer me either through a scripture or a little soft voice inside of me that I believe is His Holy Spirit. 

I pray for a lot of you also. I talk to God everyday, sometimes all day. 

It is only within the past couple of years that I have come to realize that He does not always agree with me. Sometimes He says “NO” and sometimes he says


I don’t like those answers but I have grown up enough in my faith to be able to hear Him and not just override Him with what I want and demand Him to agree with me. 

I’m not sure when or how it happened that I could submit to Him and lay down my own ideas but my life is much more at peace now. 

I no longer require Him to be my co-signer and demand His approval !! 

Now He is my Father and I obey Him. 


Hey Bob

I was swapping stories with an old friend recently and we chatted about our grown sons. 

I think Bob will appreciate that I was currently in a situation with my boy that required attention that I did not want to deal with- you feel me ? 

And so to set the stage… I had seen the Civil War movie and did not want a repeat in my living room of the epic fight scene (which is what can happen if my son and I get on opposite sides of an issue but it’s like Hulk and Thor when we go at it – no shield and lasers….its fists and hammers)….. Ok back on track, sorry Bob, I know you don’t watch movies so the last paragraph will not benefit you at all!! 

So, this conversation with the old friend… After talking with her I just wanted to hug my son. It had been a long time and he has always given me the best hugs. (You know how some people take a hug and some give a hug…. Well he always gives me the best hugs). 

So I set it in my mind and heart and the set pen to paper of the small issue to discuss… Put it aside and then began to pray for the courage to bring it up and deal with it…… 

Know what, God did it for me!!!! And I did not even have to get out the paper, my son brought up something on his heart and then I said oh yeah I need to talk to you about “such and such” to which he agreed…..and then I told him… I’m glad that’s out of the way cause I want to just be mom from now on. Now more business…..just mom. 

That was 3 weeks ago and now each and every time I see him I GIVE him a hug! A big bear hug! 

No more business, I just want to be mom. 


Civil War (Spoiler Alert)

I have blogged about silly Hollywood movies a lot, and these two characters have been here over and over, I’ve even dreamed about one of them. So when I met my best movie buddy for our Civil War date I must admit that I had not even viewed a trailer for this movie – who needed a preview – these are our favorite guys, we have a standing date to view every upcoming avenger movie the moment the credits role for the current avenger movie ! 

Imagine my surprise when she asked me at the end of this one …. 

“Are You Okay?”

I looked over at my most awesome, strong and loyal Iron Man fan with tears in my eyes and replied… 


The fierceness to which the director and animators make these two men fight broke my heart. All I could think of was that the title was a perfect warning… Civil War is in fact a fight amongst family when loyalty is pushed to its breaking point. Way too traumatic for this fan. 

Maybe I am too old or too soft for these ultra action movies.  

Maybe Jane Austen has converted me – a collection of all her books is on my bedside table and I admit that I am enjoying her words each night before bed. 

Or, perhaps my heart has seen enough war between loved ones that I want my cartoon characters to fight evil and not each other

….you know, the way we are supposed to do in real life…… 

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Bob texted me a photo with her hair all tangled up. She needed an extra pair of hands…..she managed on her own but the word “knot” kept coming to mind…..then I remembered this great prayer for the “knots” in our lives.  It’s worth sharing again. Have a blessed day ladies.


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Did I just Dream That?

avengers3This one is for you (you know who you are)….. I had a dream, I was in church with my husband – no big deal to dream about being married and in church…except that I dreamed my husband was

Robert Downey, Jr.

For those of you who know me you know that it would be strange for me to fantasize about this actor – yes he is a great actor but not on my fantasy radar….AT ALL.

I have even blogged about his character “Iron Man” being self centered and narcissistic avengers5(which I can’t even spell) so if I was going to dream about an Avenger it would be Captain America and he would be in his Captain’s uniform saving the world.

So I was not surprised in the dream when I immediately began to freak out because I knew being married to Iron Man was NOT good.  I felt that I had made “another” decision that was wrong and how was I going to get out of it.

Man, you ladies gotta know I’m not healed yet when I actually have FEAR in a dream because there’s a man in it !!

So, funny!!  I hope you are laughing.

In case you are wondering, the rest of the dream was very eye opening – he and I walked around church as he asked me many questions about my beliefs and hopes etc……. it was nice and his questions were very thought provoking – do I think the dream was from God?  Well, yes I do.  At the end of it I entered a room as someone said…..

“There you are, we’ve been looking for you, we want to ask you to do our blog !!” 

Wow, now that would be a fantasy come true.

Why was Iron Man in my dream?  Simple, I have been struggling whether these blogs are relevant or not – am I wasting my time and yours?  Well, in my dream I think I was encouraged to write, blog……. and Iron Man, well he was there to get my attention, if I had just dreamed about a blog I would have blown it off but BAM – a guy I’ve bashed in the blog being my husband…..yeah, it made the proper impact.

I am rusty, but I want to write and I want to blog.   So you will hear from me as often as I can.

Happy Dreaming !!

hope if today i lose it



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Runny Eggs and Apple Pie

one of lifes greatest risks is to be honest with ourselvesLadies, have you ever made a vow – in anger or haste?

“I will never be like my mother.”

“I will never marry a man like my father.”

“I will never speak to her again.”

Just to name a few of the most common.  Well, to rewind a bit – believe it or not there was a time in my life when I  was pretty good at making eggs smothered in bacon juice for my man (stop it if you are trying to figure out which man) – I also made a fabulous Apple Pie. Later, there was a time when I made a vow to God in anger to which I refused to cook angry womanbreakfast, then I also vowed that I would NEVER make another Apple Pie as long as I live.

The Lord reminded of this recently, I had forgotten all about it (funny thing about what we say when we are angry, we normally forget what we said).  My mother has excitedly volunteered to make 6-8 Apple Pies each week for a restaurant – and you guessed it, I’m along for the ride.

Well, one night working away on peeling Apples – I felt a little nudge – was it God?

“I thought you said you would never make an Apple Pie again?” 

Right there I repented and ask for forgiveness, for the vow and for a lot of other things that flooded in when I was reminded of what a horrible person I can be when I allow selfishness and vain ambition to blind me.

Ephesians 4:28 “Let him that stole steal no more: but rather let him labour, working with his hands the thing which is good, that he may have to give to him that needeth.”

So, now here I am making Apple Pies over and over and over – not only is it wonderful to volunteer my time somewhere but I really LOVE spending time with my mother cooking and laughing while we have Praise and Worship music on. So……I am happy to be making Apple Pies – I never thought I could say that.

Jesus will heal every part of our heart, soul and mind if we let Him.

following Jesus one step at a time


Singing in the Rain

Thunder is rumbling and rolling over my house, rain has been falling for hours.  Such a welcome event in this part of my world. As I ponder on how to arrange my day a bird begins to sing outside my window.

Ive never heard a bird singing during a thunderstorm before. It is lovely.

Oh to be like that bird…to sing no matter what storms of life are raging.

Good life lesson today. butterfly

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